Learning Foreign Language

Languages is way that how people communicate to each other, learn other Language make us more know other people, more friends.

Posted by Arcestia on August 19, 2016

Some people don’t care about languages? why? Cause they thought other languages is sucks (for a fanatic) but some people says is hard. but for me learning other languages is fun, cause i can have many friends to other country. now i just want to share how fun it is.

4 Years ago i started learn new languages beside chinese and english, I start with learn Thai. For awhile i thought Thai is hard until 1 years after that I know Vietnamese from Online friends in TalkTalk (Garena Online Platform Chat). I get more native Vietnamese friends then I learn more about that languages, in same years with that Platform from Garena I meet Friends from Taiwan, SG, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Thailand. From that time I learn how to talk and interact with other people using their languages. But at all I love to know more a culture, and this made me having experienced to future.

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